Frame Consulting Engineers
offers professional engineering services for the building environment.


 Every building of structure starts with a FRAME. FRAME’s structural engineering services will help make your dream building a reality.


We provide sustainable solutions for all aspects of the engineering world. In creating civil infrastructure for the future, we provide the underpinnings that form our communities

Fire Protection

Fire protection engineering aims to protect people and property from the harmful and destructive effects of fire and smoke. We focus on fire detection, suppression and mitigation as well as maintaining a tenable environment for evacuation from a fire.


At Frame Energy we focus on energy efficient, cost effective, green and technologically advanced design services. We have extensive experience in electrical reticulation, electrical building and energy savings survey projects in the greater Cape Town region.

Town Planning

Our professional team have extensive experience in development matters across the Western Cape.


Harness the free power from the sun to reduce your energy dependence on unsustainable dirty power sources and to take back control of your electricity supply.